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Trading and managing your private capital or trading the capital of Be Trader. The unique method in Romania.

– Derivatives
– Futures (all levels)
– Risk management in finance
– The impact of macroeconomics on capital markets
– Interest rate swap and credit risk swap
– Transactions by asset category: commodities, energy, financial, markets, capital markets
– Hedge accounting
– Compliance and regulations
– Technical analysis
– Psychology
– Risk management
– Making decisions under pressure
– Trading

The advanced level 5 diploma in financial trade offered by Be Trader Academy is intended for students, postgraduate graduates and jobseekers who want a way to differentiate themselves in an already crowded market.
It is a qualification that allows each trainee a solid foundation to become a professional trader ready for activation in the financial services industry.
The diploma is accredited by the Regulated Qualification Framework and is regulated by the VTCT. Completely based on portfolio evaluation, this is the equivalent of a two-year foundation degree that holds 120 VTCT qualification credits. The course acts as a confirmation of a whole range of skills in the financial field.
The trainees will acquire essential skills to think both tactically and strategically by combining theoretical notions with practical training.
A course is completed in 60 hours of learning in specially designed rooms.

For the structure of the courses we focused on our trainees and their final objectives: risk management, hedging, investments or trading.
BeTrader Academy Romania offers world-class education, provided by experts in various financial services. Please contact us for more information on how we can assist you in the training process.
We have all the methods that will help the students to understand the financial markets and the relevant tools for them, such as making the right decisions.
Our courses and custom seminars are designed to be highly interactive, with real-world live examples used whenever possible. The students’ questions are actively encouraged and addressed either collectively, in an open-ended group or individually at the end of each session.


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User Avatar Cipri Ciceu

The owner of BETRA Coin, Before founding BETRA Coin in early 2019, Ciprian started two Internet companies in Bruxelles. Previously, Ciprian held various management positions in Belgium at BeTrader Academy, most recently as Vice President in BeTrader Academy, focusing on new business development and risk management. He has also worked as a senior financial risk management consultant to the financial services industry.
Disclaimer: Be Trader Academy Romania is for educational purposes only. Trading involves a significant risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone. The hypothetical results have many inherent limitations, and previous performances do not necessarily indicate future results.

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